From Our Lands To Your Hands

Palo Santo

Sustainably sourced in Ecuador

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Palo Santo

From our lands to your hands

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Harvest ethically by our indigenous communities


With the design of the Italian Packaging Valley

good saints

From London, delivered worldwide

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Made in Ecuador, Designed in Italy, Delivered Worldwide

Our uniqueness is in the authenticity of the different worlds we represent with our Palo Santo adventure:

we combine the traditional premium quality of our Ecuadorian Palo Santo with the style and design of Italy

We assemble it in London, delivering it worldwide.

Our products are 100% natural Palo Santo wood based: they help you to chill and focus with their aroma.

Boosting your concentration & relax, while giving a scented cozy atmosphere, has never been more easy.

Why we created Good Saints in 2020

2020 Annus Horribilis, they said.

The current global scenario has forced every single one of us to stop and take time for ourselves, reconsider our priorities, rediscover our true values as well as what really matters in our lives.

We found ourselves fragile but resilient, confident that we are going to come out stronger than ever before from the current contingencies that affect us.

We are in this together, and in our way, we wanted to offer a way to feel closer and come together from every part of the world, united in a moment of wellbeing, reconnection and grounding that Palo Santo can offer us.

From Our Lands to Your Hands, we hope you enjoy it.

Authentic, premium & sustainable palo santo

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a new forest mission: certified

a daily purification

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Certificate of origin

local communities

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palo santo

A dead tree with a new life

palo santo

From the seaside volcanic soil of Ecuador

a sacred tree

Good Saints is for everyone

How to use palo santo

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Our team

We are a group of young enthusiastic individuals spread around the world. We believe in fair trade, ethically & sustainably sourced goods and we think that natural & traditional can mean luxury.

We are from Ecuador and Italy - based in London, where we met and started this project.

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