How to use palo santo

In order to use Palo Santo wood, hold the stick at a 45 degree angle and set it alight. Burn the end of it for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then blow it out. This then releases the aroma from 5 to 10 minutes, which we have found to be the perfect length of time for a smooth daily meditation and self reflection. 

The smell of the Palo Santo, with notes of citrus, apple and pine, will help to cleanse your space and rejuvenate your mind and body - while leaving an incredible aroma in your room!

To use the essential oil, simply put a few drops of it into a diffuser well and allow the candle or flame underneath to burn through the oil and release the incredible scent. Please read our essential oil disclaimer in our post here. 

Outdoor use:

Bonfire: The traditional way of using palo santo is by creating a bonfire of palo santo. This is to create a natural non toxic insect repellent that will give you the perfect ambiance for an outdoor aperitivo, dinner or relax session.

Take your Palo Santo Stick on your trekking & hiking sessions, expedition or family vacation. It will always give you home comfort and protect you from unexpected mosquitos. 

Palo Santo Shower: make a small bonfire with palo santo and then blow it out. Use the smoke to clean your body from bad energies and detox treatment. Enjoy it while drinking a green smoothie or coconut water and snaking some granola or quinoa bars: get your detox all over your body and mind.