• The info provided by Good Saints Woodlines is for personal information and interest only. It is not intended to offer professional medical advice or treatment for any health condition, and health professionals should always be consulted if you are already taking medication. 
  • Please note that Good Saints Woodlines accepts no liability for misuse of essential oils or any other products that it manufactures.

    Shelf life: 9 years

    Storage: keep in tightly closed container, in a cool and dry place, protected from light

    SAFETY ADVICE: Essential oils can be dangerous if used incorrectly. 

  • Keep out of the reach of children 
  • Certain oils are flammable (Good Saints essential oil is classified as Class 0 - non hazardous; flashpoint >100C; stable under normal conditions) 
  • Certain oils are not recommended for use with pregnancy 
  • Never take oils orally and avoid contact with the mouth and eyes. 
  • If you have any burning, redness or irritation symptoms stop use immediately and consult with a medical professional