Good Saints Gift Cards

Good Saints Gift Cards

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The Good Saints Gift Card for someone you love!

The perfect gift for everyone to discover our palo santo products and its benefits.

Make them feel loved and taken care of, by offering them an opportunity to rejuvenate and reconnect, that they will thank you for!

With our gift card any type of product can be purchased and experienced:

From our Good Saints box that comes in different types and sizes- like the Christmas special containing 30 palo santo sticks and one essential oil- to our Good Saints Sticks supply that we offer in packs of 7, 14 and 28 - so you can always have a supply of Palo Santo on hand! 

Whichever product and size you go for, our Palo Santo is great for sustainable relaxing.

In fact, our Palo Santo is ethically sourced, and grown in a region that is famed for its connection to the Earth via volcanic ash. The team is committed to providing fair wages for all of our suppliers, and for every tree that is cut down to produce Palo Santo, another is planted in its place. This renewable method of Palo Santo harvest has ensured that Ecuador is one of the only places on Earth which offers cruelty free Palo Santo. 

Let yourself be surrounded by its peculiar smell of baked apples or burnt sugar and enjoy its ancient properties, to feel brand new!